Spring Cleaning! Recipes and Resources to Make the Switch to Natural Products

Spring Cleaning! Recipes and Resources to Make the Switch to Natural Products

The Good Old Days?

I grew up cleaning with Comet. Are you old enough to remember that stuff? Do they still make it? The ritual was always the same: suit up in the rubber gloves (you don't want that stuff touching your skin)!  Sprinkle the unnaturally green scouring powder into the sink.  Allow the acrid scent to burn your nostril hairs. Then scrub like there's no tomorrow. In fact, I'm surprised there was a tomorrow. Consider this:

Environmental Working Group EWG's air pollution tests found that Comet Disinfectant Cleanser Powder emitted 146 different chemicals, including some that have been linked to cancer, asthma and reproductive disorders.*

Could you ever rinse the sink or tub well enough to not ingest it when washing the dishes or absorb into your skin while in the tub?  

When I got my own apartment, I committed to doing things differently.  Not only because I wanted a safer clean, but also because I didn't have two nickels to rub together. Baking soda is so much cheaper than Comet!  I'd scour the library for recipes for natural cleaning products to help me scour my sink. Decades later, I'm still using those recipes and I continue to add others to my repertoire. As a result, I actually love cleaning. My space feels ordered and tidy, but I also feel a sense of calm (probably the result of essential oils).

In this post, I'll share my faves and include a few more resources for you to continue your own research. Happy spring cleaning!


DIY Furniture Polish/Dusting Spray

As that beautiful sun returns during spring, it lights up all of the dust bunnies everywhere! Why use aerosols and chemicals when you can make your own furniture polish with a few household ingredients?

🌱1/2 cup olive oil
🌱1/3 cup of white vinegar
🌱 Lemon or bergamot essential oil


Pour the ingredients into a glass spray bottle or mason jar. Spray directly onto wood furniture, or dip a cleaning cloth (a piece of an old t-shirt works great!) into the jar. Clean away! Enjoy the swap!

For more Mother Earth brownie points, buy your supplies plastic-free at a refillery!


Scouring Powder (for sinks, tubs & toilets)

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m all about natural products. I’ve been cleaning my house with baking soda and vinegar concoctions most of my adult life. There are so many advantages: I usually have all of the ingredients on hand; I don’t have to manage hazardous waste disposal or aerosol cans; and my cat can lick the toilet seat without ramifications (yup, she’s weird!). Maybe you’re ready to clean up your cleaning routine?

Pictured here is a simple scouring solution. It’s great as a toilet bowl cleaner but works equally well scouring tubs and sinks.

🌱1 cup baking soda
🌱2TB liquid soap (I like Castile)
🌱2 tsp tea tree essential oil
🌱1 tsp peppermint or lavender e.o.
Blend these ingredients into a paste. Store in an air tight container. To use, sprinkle onto the counter, sink, tub or into the toilet bowl. Scrub. Rinse. 

Speaking of Toilets (Natural Disinfecting Spray)

At the height of the Pandemic, disinfecting spray became the rage. It's also great to spray the seat and the floor (ewww!) in front of the toilet.  


Combine in a mason jar fitted with a spray lid:

🌱 1 cup rubbing alcohol (99%)
🌱 1 cup distilled water (tap water boiled and cooled)
🌱 Lavender and lemon essential oil
Spray on the toilet seat and rim. Allow to sit a few minutes then wipe away those cooties! Also, if you're looking for a toilet brush upgrade, consider a natural wooden one that is exposed to the air. After using, spray the brush with the disinfecting spray then put it back in its holder and allow it to air dry. My previous plastic brush with the plastic holder meant it was always sitting in a soupy mess, which over time, only got worse.  So gross!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Below are a few resources that you may find helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any tips, tricks or questions.

Happy Spring Cleaning!



Check out this site for the environmental score of your current cleaning products. https://www.ewg.org/

For more sources about natural cleaning:



 For Sals Suds in Toronto:


For a wooden toilet brush in Toronto:


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