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It's Simple to Use a Bread Bag

Cut your slices from the centre of the loaf. Put the two halves together and pop them into the bread bag. Pull the drawstring. Your bread will stay fresh for up to 5 days.

  • Reduce Single-Use Plastic

    You know all about plastic and microplastics. Ditch the cling film for a bowl cover. Forgo the ziploc bag for a bread bag. And learn more about simple sustainable swaps in my monthly blog!

    Save a Loaf 
  • Keep Textiles from the Landfill

    lot8 uses as many remnants as possible then donates smaller remnants to a charitable organization called Rescued Bears. Learn more here:

    Rescued Bears 
  • lot8 Gives Back

    With every purchase, a portion of sales is donated to The Redwood, a Toronto haven for women and children escaping abuse.

    Learn more here:

    The Redwood