What's a bread bag? Does it work?

What's a bread bag? Does it work?

A sign that says: A Bread Bag for Bread Lovers. Good for your bread. Good for the planet. Good for you!


Buy a Bread Bag. Save a Loaf. That is a tag line for my shop. It all started with a bread bag that keeps your bread fresh for up to 5 days. But, lot8 is much more than bread bags. So, I've started this blog with simple life hacks to help you also save food, money, time and mama earth. Thanks for reading! And now, for my first blog, about bread bags, of course.

At a recent market, I had a fantastic spot adjacent to the entrance. I posted this sign at the front of my booth and waited. 

I didn't have long to wait. Customers were intrigued. They arrived, good-natured and curious. "What's a bread bag?" "Does it really work?" "Why is a lot8 bread bag the best?" "Can I get 3?"

Before I answer each of these questions, I'll give you a little history lesson about how lot8 was born.  

Back in 2016, I had an unexpected career change as many middle-aged folk encounter. I had also inherited my mom's sewing machine. 

At the time, I didn't know how to sew, but somehow, that machine kept calling me. I missed my mom and sitting with that machine helped me to feel close to her.  Bit by bit, I watched YouTube videos and and practiced. I started with very simple projects: hemming curtains, trying simple totes; and making table runners.  Everything I made was something I wanted/needed for my home. 

Around the same time, I'd begun to make sourdough bread.  Again, I had no experience, but I've always loved baking. With a little research on the interweb, I learned and practiced.

The two projects dovetailed. I'd make my bread, let it cool, then I'd put it in a ziplock bag to keep it fresh. But it didn't stay that way.  The crust got soggy. It even started to mould. I was so disappointed after spending 3 days making a loaf!

So, again, I went back to researching and learned that the French keep their bread in linen. Who better than the French and their passion for bread to guide me?  I made my first linen bread bag. I tested it. I tweaked the design. I gave it to friends. I presented it along with bread at house warming parties. Then, eventually, I had the guts to walk into a local bakery and ask them to carry my product. (but that is a whole other post!). And lot8 was born.

Now, to answer those questions.

What's a bread bag?

It is a bag in which to store your bread. In my opinion, the best bread bag is made from 100% linen. Linen is highly absorbent and it has natural antibacterial properties. It allows your bread to breathe which keeps the crust crispy and the interior moist.

Does it really work?

Absolutely!  Storing your bread in plastic means that the crust gets spongy and the bread goes mouldy quickly. Storing it in paper, means it turns into one big crouton! Stored in a linen bread bag, the bread stays fresh for up to 5 days! Cut slices from the middle of the loaf; put the two halves together; put them back in the bag and pull the drawstring.  All of these instructions are on the packaging. 




Why a lot8 linen bread bag the best?

  • There are so many reasons...and I'm not biased at all :) 
  • It is made in Toronto, Ontario CANADA, so you are supporting local
  • It is sewn with french seams (the raw edges are completely encased, so it is durable)
  • It is compostable at the end of it's life
  • It is made from 100% linen that has been pre-washed in biodegradable soap and air dried (in other words, it won't shrink)
  • The drawstring is made from recycled cotton cord made in BC
  • It is available in 3 sizes and 2 types of linen
  • A portion of all sales is donated to The Redwood, a haven for women and children escaping abuse.
  • It works!

Can I get 3?

You bet! Just click on the link here: Buy a Bread Bag for Bread Lovers 


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