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Happy Cat Bundle

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Forgo the plastic pots of cat grass as well as potentially dangerous and toxic cat toys at the pet store and opt for The Happy Cat Bundle! 

This perfect gift for kitty includes:

  • 2 x Sam, The All-Natural Cat Toy
  • One handmade linen pouch filled with enough Cat Grass Seed*  to  make three 4" pots of cat grass
  • The items are packaged in a kraft paper pouch

Making your own cat grass is simple. It keeps kitty’s digestive system on track, allows you to re-sow when needed, and you don’t have to rely on plastic pots of short-lived grass from the pet store, saving you time and $$! The handmade pouch is approximately 4 1/2" x 5" made from whatever remnants are on hand (Homespun linen, flax linen, muslin or the end, kitty won't mind!).   

This bundle is available in Canada only. 

Thank you to Curly Jo for being such a fabulous model 🐈‍⬛


Fill a container 4" pot 3/4 full with potting mix. Liberally spread a single layer of seed on top. Add 1/4” potting mix to cover seeds. Water until moist. Keep in a warm, dark place until the seeds have germinated (the top of the fridge works well). When the grass is 2” high, place in a sunny spot for easy kitty access. Water when dry.


*(oat seeds from

A portion of all sales is donated to The United Way Perth Huron 


Happily handmade in Stratford Ontario, Canada.



All fabrics have been pre-washed in biodegradable detergent, then air dried.

Fabric choices:

100% Linen--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

100% OEKO-Tex certified Linen-- 7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Canvas--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Muslin--3 oz/yd (light weight)

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