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Pastry Cloth | Organic Cotton Canvas Baking Cloth

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For the new or the seasoned baker, a pastry cloth just makes pie making, well, as easy as pie!  Flour is rubbed into the cloth which prevents the pastry from sticking. This makes rolling, folding and lining the pie plate so much simpler. There is so much to love about this cloth:

-handmade in Stratford Ontario, Canada

-made from pre-washed organic cotton canvas (12 oz or heavy duty)

-20 x 20" (an ample size for a single pie crust)

-turn almost any surface into a work surface

Instructions for use:

-For its first use, condition the cloth by rubbing all purpose flour onto the cloth

-Roll out chilled dough

-To move dough to the pie plate, lightly flour the rolled dough. Put the knife edge of your hand along the centre of your dough. Fold the pastry cloth in half along that knife edge. Pull the cloth away. The dough is now folded. Lift that folded dough and place it into the pie plate along the half way point. Unfold the dough until it fits the whole pie plate. Alternatively, watch the video!

Take a moment to read the blog for tips, tricks and a great pastry dough recipe:

Easy As Pie

Laundering Instructions:

Many would suggest that laundering is unnecessary. After using, simply scrape the excess flour from the cloth using a bench scraper. Fold and store in a dark cupboard or pantry. If the cloth becomes stained, scrape away excess flour and wash separately in the sink using hot water and a biodegradable unscented soap such as Castile. Air dry.

A portion of all sales is donated to The United Way Perth Huron  


All fabrics have been pre-washed in biodegradable detergent, then air dried.

Fabric choices:

100% Linen--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

100% OEKO-Tex certified Linen-- 7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Canvas--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Muslin--3 oz/yd (light weight)

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