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The Linen All-Purpose Sack | Reversible Linen Organization Sack

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Made in Canada from pre-washed sustainable linen and cotton, this handmade sack keeps you organized in style. Keys and wallet by the door? Hairbrushes and elastics on the vanity? Dinner rolls on the table? This sack holds it all! One clever customer has one for every member of her family hanging on a peg rack in the entry way.  Nice!

Approx size: 10"h x 5"d x 5"w

    • Made without harmful glues or synthetic stabilizers
    • Foldable
    • Reversible
    • Washable
    • Hangable
    • Available in 3 fabric combinations--Choose the Flax linen and cotton canvas for a sturdy option that will hold it's shape. Choose Flax linen and Muslin or simply Flax linen for a hanging sack with a little drape. The Flax and Pebble linen combination is almost sold out!

TO LAUNDER:  Cold water wash; hang to dry. Iron on a linen setting if desired.



All fabrics have been pre-washed in biodegradable detergent, then air dried.

Fabric choices:

100% Linen--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

100% OEKO-Tex certified Linen-- 7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Canvas--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Muslin--3 oz/yd (light weight)

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