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The Bannekin | Banneton Liner

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Designed and created for a professional baker, the bannekin (banneton + napkin) is a simpler form of a traditional fitted banneton liner. The bannekin has fewer seams (so, it's easier to clean and dries more quickly) and is less fussy to make (so, it is less expensive).  I made a bunch of these for a local baker and thought they'd be perfect for the home baker too!

  • Made from cotton muslin that has been pre-washed with unscented biodegradable soap
  • Sized to fit various bannetons with 1" overhang on all sides
  • Raw edges are finished in durable polyester thread using a serger. Corners are rounded for a continuous seam
  • Compostable at the end of their lives (cut off stitching and discard; put the fabric in the green bin)
  • Handmade in Stratford ON, Canada
  • A portion of all sales is donated to The United Way Perth Huron 

Care instructions: Although many bakers subscribe to the notion of never washing a banneton liner, it can get icky over time. After every use, simply shake or brush off excess flour, then air dry. If dough sticks, allow to dry and scrape off. Roll up to store. Every few uses, shake the excess flour, then hand wash in a sink using only water or add an unscented biodegradable soap (such as Castile). Rinse well. Hang to dry.


All fabrics have been pre-washed in biodegradable detergent, then air dried.

Fabric choices:

100% Linen--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

100% OEKO-Tex certified Linen-- 7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Canvas--7 oz./yd (medium weight)

Cotton Muslin--3 oz/yd (light weight)

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